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Glass Processing Plant
The proposed plant will produce the following types of processed glass:
Tempered Safetyaa Glass (ESG), is made from annealed glass with a thermal tempering process by heating flat glass to 600 oC and then rapidly cooling the surface.
Laminated Safety Glass (VSG), consist of two or more panes of flat glass with one or more layers of (PVB) sandwiched between them and treated, reducing the risk of shattered glass.
Insulating glass (multiple – walled), consists of two sheets of glass glued to an aluminium spacer which maintains an air space of 6 - 12 mm between the glass sheets
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Metallurgical grade silicon smelter
Silicon metal (Si), is a grey metallically lustrous metalloid element used mainly in the manufacture of silanes and silicones as a hardener or alloying element to produce aluminium alloys, and in the manufacture of solar cells and microprocessors. Production process takes place in a submerged electric arc furnace, considered an energy-intensive process. Further processing of the material into different product grades makes it applicable in many industry processes.
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Industrial pumps design and assembling
Potential to localize in the Kingdom groups of pumps manufacturing facilities. The opportunity consists of pumps manufacturing, assembling and testing, as well as the necessary service for repair, installation and maintenance.
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Industrial flanges design and assembling
Engineering, assembly, testing and maintenance as processes in a first stage for the production of flanges with local supply of raw materials. Due to the synergy with the materials needed for their production, there is a potential for backward integration within the value chain.
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Industrial valves design and assembling
Opportunities to set up valves design capabilities in the Kingdom according to customer needs and application requirements , potential to localize final manufacturing, assembling and testing of valves and opportunity to establish SMEs to manage storage, logistics, installation, maintenance remedial work.
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Copper continuous cast wire rod plant
Continuous Cast Rod is produced by melting the cathode in a shaft furnace
and casting the typically 8 mm rod onto large reels. The rod is sold at a premium to cathode, to cable and wire producers to make a range of products for the electrical market.
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Copper strips, bars and tubes
A mixture of refined copper, zinc slab and scrap of controlled quality is used for the manufacturing of flat copper products like plates, sheets and strips which are then further processed for the production of non-electrical products (tubes, bars and others)
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Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN 32)
Solution of urea and ammonium nitrate in water used as liquid fertilizer.
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Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN)
Calcium Ammonium Nitrate is a common key variant derived from ammonium nitrate mixed fertilizers with ground limestone.
It is a very versatile fertilizer that is used as a top dressing for all crops and, fundamentally, at the end of winter.
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Heavy profiles, marine profiles and rails
Manufacturing of heavy sections (greater than 250 mm), different rail ranges for highspeed and heavy-haul transport and marine steel bulb flats for shipbuilding. The plant will be equipped with two lines: on the one hand, a heavy section mill to produce heavy profiles and on the other hand, a rail mill, to produce both rails and marine profiles
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High-sized seamless alloyed pipe
Manufacturing of alloyed seamless pipes in ranges above 7” with different specialty qualities including stainless steel. Final products with remarkable resistance to corrosion and good tensile strength in high-temperature environments suitable for applications in oil & gas and power generation industries, among others.
The opportunity includes the integrated process from billet continuous caster to final added value treatments to transform the tubes to final client specifications.
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HQ hot rolled coil
High quality hot rolled coils manufacturing via Compact Strip Mill (CSP) process. This technology manufactures high-quality coils in a single manufacturing line that includes casting, heating and rolling.
The envisioned facility will be able to sell high added value finished products straight to market and to downstream flat steel producers (Cold Rolled Coil, Hot Dip Galvanizing, PPC and Tinplate).
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Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes [1 – 8”]
Stainless steel seamless pipes in ranges [1-8”] including OCTG, cold drawn pipes and tube pipes & hollows. Main applications include oil and gas, automotive, construction and power generation industries. Manufacturing process consists of hot billet extrusion and later cold finishing. Moreover, finishing and added value services are also offered to convert the tube into a functional element. These processes include CRA pipe threading, welding, overlay, machining and beveling among others.
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Tinplate consists of steel sheets coated with tin, which provide an effective corrosion-resistant surface. Final applications include food, beverage and oils cans, screw caps and crown caps, among others. Production process starts with pickling and cold rolling of hot rolled coils, which are then annealed, and temper rolled. Finally, the product receives an electrolytic tinning, where the tin layer is finally added.
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Steelmaking for specialty high added value products
Integrated Steel-making plant for High Added Value (HAV) specialty products to feed downstream steel projects envisioned in Ras Al-Khair Industrial City. The plant will consist of a bespoke unit that will manufacture High Quality crude steel. It will be fed by competitive local resources (iron ore, carbonaceous products).
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Capital goods
Capital goods demanded in the production of vessels, among other industries
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Ship modules fabrication workshop
A ship modules fabricator workshop dedicated to the manufacture of modules for ships, and hulls for jackups that are built in the maritime complex.
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Electric generators and motors
High power electric generators and tailor-made motors, fed by multiple sources of mechanical energy: steam, gas, water, internal combustion engines, wind turbines.
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Aluminium Scrap Recycling Plant
Taking aluminium scrap as a raw material, the proposed plant will melt the material, and further process it the production of aluminium ingots or liquid metal, which can be offered to downstream players within the Ras Al-Khair aluminium value chain or to the international market.
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Aluminum Foil
From the final stage of the rolling process, coils of aluminum foil will be produced. These coils are then used for the production of end-products with applications in industries such as: food & beverage, industrial & construction, cosmetics & pharma, household, and domestic uses, etc.
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